Napoléon 1815 on pre-order !

5 May 1821 – Napoléon dies in the remote island of Saint Helena / 5 May 2021 – Kickstarter Campaign of Napoléon 1815

Border states and Saladin

Pre-orders open for Border States and Saladin

Napoléon 1807

The emperor in the mud of Poland !

Napoléon 1806

Challenge the emperor to his zenith!


New Kickstarter : Border States and Saladin !

On Thursday, March 25th at 8 PM (GMT+1), we will launch the crowdfunding of our next two games. Border States is an investment game where you will have to use your bluff and guessing to change the course of the American Civil War. Saladin will see the clash of Ayyubid and Crusader troops in the battles of Hattin and Arsuf.

Napoléon 1806 and Napoléon 1807 in sight !

The games should arrive in our warehouse the 19th of August !

You can still preorder them with a special discount of 10% by using the code lanc10 till the end of this month.